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Lillian Fleurs lillian.fleurs at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 03:41:54 UTC 2013

A member of the community known as Andrew "Dru" Byrne has yet to be kicked
out of the community. Right before I moved he did some EXTREMELY
inappropriate and non consensual things to me that extend far beyond
creepy. I sent some emails to Tony "LeTigre", who then forwarded them to
Liz. I had asked both of them to keep what had happened to me anonymous.
I'm coming out of anonymity because it appears nothing has been done to get
rid of someone who poses a high threat to other members of the community
(both male and female, trans and cis).

Unfortunately since I no longer live in San Francisco, I can not show up to
a Noisebridge meeting but I would like this issue brought up, because
others who still use the space have expressed to me that they don't feel
safe around Andrew either.

I'm sorry for the drama, but I'm not the one who started it.
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