[Noisebridge-discuss] REPLY TO JEFFERY (whoever that is)

Daniel Kelly arrays.tostring at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 22:45:01 UTC 2013

'Jeffrey' is easy to recognize, he's been teaching large crowds about
making web
pages work, every Monday night, with a hour or two on Thursdays, in Church
for the past couple of years.   I'm surprised you haven't met him.

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there's no need to ask for outside help with this action.

On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 3:35 PM, Michael Clift <occupirate at gmail.com> wrote:

> What I do at NB:
> Hack electronics,build bike trailers, have conferences, design DA's for
> SF,study,research,make my own clothes.contribute 150 bucks a month for
> food, which I cook for anybody who is here,moderate/facillitate meetings of
> various activist cells, clean up my own mess, and generally get along with
> everybody here. I am not educamated past a year of college, so forgive me
> for not being a techno-wiz, I could give a shit about code,games, or LED
> lights. This is to me a point of contact for various activist/anarchist
> WG's and a vital resource for tech and comms. I was invited here 2 yrs ago
> by Jurgen,Dana and Rob R...never had a problem since. I am a vehemently
> hetero sexual white male over 30 that thinks all the discussion here is not
> worth my time. Kindly delete me from the list, you are sissies, (albeit
> bright,"priveledged" sissies) but unless I am asked by Mitch or Jacob, I
> will continue my work here....visible,invisible,"worthy" or not. I do not
> harrass people, I do not sleep here, this is my base of operations and
> office.
> Cool e-mail, though Naomi...I appreciate your wit and candor. The
> censorship bit has to do with the whole gay voice>straight voice, and the
> ageist/generational bias of NB Khmer Rouge current.
> Just because we do not see each other "working"doesnt mean I will come off
> like my work is more important or valid...we all do different stuff here,
> at different times...BE IT HARM NONE, DO WHAT THOU WILT.
> You guys can "run" this however you wish, it doesnt mean a fig to me. All
> this "priveledge shit" didnt even exist 10 yrs ago...yes America is blah
> blah blah....and I should know that EVERY 20 something trans gendered
> whatever the eff is SOOOOOOmuch more smarter than everybody else, and that
> despite the attempt by every little marginalized human is trying to carve
> out their own unique set of priveledges........ha! you kids dont even
> know.....for me, this is all so 25 years ago....
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