[Noisebridge-discuss] door stats

Dana dana-lists at sonic.net
Mon Jun 24 14:45:35 UTC 2013

Per Jake's ask:

Top 5 codes, usage by hour:

Top 5 codes, usage by day:

Codes were assigned, at random, a unique alias (derived from the Complete
Works of William Shakespeare).


A note on the "by day" chart: usage of the top code, Pericles, drops
suddenly, then spikes again on the 13th. Alcibiades jumps too. Possible
correlation with the end of the GeziGardens protest in Hayes Valley?

(Which started around June 5 [1], raided June 13 [2])

[1] http://sfist.com/2013/06/06/misguided_occupy_kids_take_over_hay.php
[2] http://news.infoshop.org/article.php?story=20130614030453809

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