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Thu Jun 27 04:20:45 UTC 2013

I agree that having the Rebase mtg another night would be advisable. Particularly since having the NB mtg directly afterward probably does not get people at their best. 


Why have it at a regular time btw?  (This is an exploratory Q not an accusation.)

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On Jun 26, 2013, at 7:51 PM, Johny Radio <johnyradio at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 6/26/2013 5:53 PM, J.C. wrote:
>> I think this helps illustrate the point of why we are making an effort to have a physical in person meeting regularly to       discuss these issues, as context and relevance easily gets skewed via something like the mailing list.
> True, but we all consume vast amounts of info through the written word, and communicate widely with email-- surely we, as intelligent, well-meaning people, can hopefully discuss and clarify things in writing on-list, without getting bent out of shape. 
>> Johny hopefully you can make the next meeting and bring up and discuss your concerns.
> Unfortunately, at that time I teach electronics to on-probation and at-risk black and Hispanic youths in Bayview Hunters Point. I usually cannot attend a meeting at 6pm. 
> Again, I'm requesting that the meeting be moved to a later time (on a different day if necessary) so more people can attend. 
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