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Noisebridge benefit noizparty at riseup.net
Tue Mar 12 11:24:07 UTC 2013

I used to have a press list....back when I was part of the media....does
anyone else have a more up-to-date one? My computer is currently AWOL
along with all my files.


On Mon, March 11, 2013 11:24 pm, Robert Benson wrote:
> what are the local virtual & real publications/stations we want to target?
> there is typically a 2 week deadline for notice in the free real pubs dont
> know bout the rest
> robb
> On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 10:07 PM, Stan Osborne <stan at ana.com> wrote:
>> +ll+,
>> Robert 'Zapa' know how to prepare sizable quantities
>> of tasty food.  Someon needs to coordinate food for
>> the day.  I will busy with Volxkuche the day before
>> and should there be left overs I hope some of it ends
>> up in the NB fridge for use the next day.
>> If you want mention on Radio, or in Weeklys this is
>> the week to ask them for public service announcements
>> (PSAs).
>> By 'very NBy' I ment something the existing NB community
>> would relate to.  I've seen no discussion regarding who
>> we are trying to attract to the event.  Again, mutiple
>> publicity efforts are a good thing.
>> Stan
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