[Noisebridge-discuss] March 30th Fundraiser? Yay or nay?

Robert Benson sf99er at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 15:59:50 UTC 2013

Re: rachyl, there were holes in occupysf's finances but i wasn't one of
them. in addition to ryan's mess & pirate mikes beer for the peacekeepers,
the kitchen kept almost all of the donations given to the kitchen and
usually bought alcohol and who knows what else. i fought with them
regularly over it, almost physically once, and informed the ga, but there
were always people who would brush it off and nothing would be done.   my
job was very difficult, few wanted to consistently participate in the
finance committee (it wasn't fun like other workinggroups), but many wanted
to criticize from afar. i'm sorry the finance committee refused your
request for a monthly BART pass; we had a policy of "if we can't do it for
everyone, we can't do it for anyone." we adopted the policy to avoid
favoritism and nepotism and sometimes people would get mad if their request
was denied...what can i say, we had limited funds and huge overhead, i.e.
port-o-potties, printing, media, etc.  in the future, i hope you consider
checking your facts before accusing others. the reputation you hurt just
may be your own. again, i invite you to articulate any real facts, like
who, what, when, where, how;  not just mere outrageous conclusions. i never
stole any money, so I know you are full of shit on the matter and have no
evidence or actual facts; again, "i think he stole money (because he is
friends with someone i don't like)" doesn't cut it and amounts to libel and
slander. perhaps, i should start and post some groundless rumor on the
internet about you and let you figure out how to contest baseless
accusations. i assure you, it's quite frustrating...you have trolled me
well; if that was your intention, good job!. cheers
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