[Noisebridge-discuss] Your Noisebridge door code will soon be deactivated

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Mar 13 18:32:57 UTC 2013

I can assure you this is no phishing attempt, but rather an imperfectly 
executed attempt at increasing the number of digits of peoples codes by an 
empowered do-ocratic code maintainer.  you should tell me who it was.

personally i think codes should be minimum 7 digits, which is an 
old-fashioned phone number length (before all these pesky area codes) and 
is a reasonable minimum.

i wasn't worried about the few people who had 5-digit codes, but i wasn't 
giving any more out.

if you or anyone else has questions about your code, or getting a code for 
someone, or whether an email you got about your code is legit, you can 
contact me by email.


Larry Ogrodnek wrote:

I received a bcc'ed email claiming to be to be the response of a key code
audit warning that my current door code is too short, and I should reply
with my current code and a 10 digit code else my code may be deleted.

Is this legit?  Seems like a possible phishing attempt -- an unprompted
message asking me for security credentials over email?

If it is legit -- I appreciate the notice and chance to update... maybe
there's another mechanism though?  again, seems like phishing -- if you're
sending the email you know which is my code obviously..

As a second piece of unsolicited feedback, asking a human to memorize a 10
digit pin code -- seems excessive for codes that need to be manually typed
by someone in a specific physical location?....

Anyway, just some thoughts... The doorcode mechanism is great, thanks
everyone for all the work involved in keeping it running effectively, and 
do appreciate the pro-active messaging.

Apologies if this was already mentioned somewhere...


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