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When the world's first general purpose computer was built and put to
work at Princeton in the period 1946-1958, the 20th century’s smartest
mathematicians (John von Neumann, Alan Turing, Stanislaw Ulam, etc.)
didn’t discover the digital universe; they created it, on purpose, with
remarkable foresight into where it would lead.  

"There are two kinds of creation myths," George Dyson says of their
process in his book Turing's Cathedral, "those where life arises out of
the mud, and those where life falls from the sky. In this creation myth,
computers arose from the mud, and code fell from the sky."  Half a
century later we can observe, he says, that "to an observer in our
universe, the digital universe appears to be speeding up. To an observer
in the digital universe, our universe appears to be slowing down."

Furthermore, there is a code collision occurring in our lifetimes. 
Computer code and genetic code are ever more directly enhancing each
other.  We are amphibians making our lives on the interface between two

“No Time Is There --- The Digital Universe and Why Things Appear To Be Speeding Up," George Dyson, Herbst Theater, Civic Center, San Francisco, 7pm, Tuesday, March 19.  The show starts promptly at 7:30pm.

To be sure of a seat:
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Talks coming up:
April 17 (Wed.) - Nicholas Negroponte, "Beyond Digital"
May 21 (Tues.) - Stewart Brand, "Reviving Extinct Species"
July 29 (Mon.) - Craig Childs, “Apocalyptic Planet: Field Guide to the
Everending Earth”

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Any questions, contact Danielle Engelman at Long Now -- 415-561-6582 x1
or danielle at longnow.org.

You are welcome to forward this notice to anyone you think might be

 --Stewart Brand (sb at gbn.org)

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