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Thanks for the recommendation, Liz.  (I wish there were a T-shirt manufacturer that wasn't sexist, assumed that women could possibly have physically non-puny size, and actually had decent working conditions and wages for employees.  But, given that the world we live in does not allow for this pie-in-the-sky combination, I'll go with Gildan for women's T-shirt sizes, and American Apparel for men's T-shirt sizes.) Tony -- we should definitely go ahead and make T-shirts by hand.  But in addition, we can get the 131 T-shirts from East Bay Screenprint.  We've always made more money in T-shirt donations than we've spent in T-shirt expenses. Mitch. Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 13:47:50 -0700
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Here are some recommended vendors for women's shirts. Of course we need some small ones in the mix, but as you note, Mitch, American Apparel's shirts for women are basically sized for 10 year old girls.  Even the XL American Apparels will barely go over my torso much less around my arms, and I am not particularly large.

Gildan is pretty good,  but here is a bigger list which I hope will help,

- Liz

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Can someone please count the Noisebridge T-shirts on the bookshelf (near the kitchen), and let me know how many we have there of each size (and if they are women/girl or men sizes)?

I have just done so & this was my count (verified by an impartial second party):
9 Extra (1x) Large - women/girl2 Large - women/girl
It would seem Noisebridge suffers from a sparsity of extra large women.

That's all I see atm, unless there are more stored elsewhere in the space.
We don't want to spend $1,000 on Tshirts when we're trying to raise money, though, do we? We just got a vinyl cutter, we can make stencils & make our own Tshirts! Maybe order a smaller quantity of professional print ones (on more than just black Tshirts?) & make the rest in house?



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