[Noisebridge-discuss] x-ray machine

Jake jake at spaz.org
Fri Mar 15 07:09:36 UTC 2013

you guys know i got an xray machine?  it's a 90KeV dental xray machine by 
ritter, gas-cooled with sulfur hexaflouride.


anyway, we should take some REAL xray pictures.  that means we need a 
phosphor screen, like an "x ray cassette" as seen on ebay.  Those 
cassettes are basically a mechanical envelope that you put the film in, 
and they have phosphor screens in there that expose the film when xrays 
land on the phosphors.


if possible we should get an image intensifier, which would allow us to 
see through things in real time, without waiting for film to develop. 
basically the output goes to a video camera, so it would be like the 
enlarge-o-scope we made except dangerous.


actually it only takes like 1mm thick lead to stop all the rays that come 
out of this thing so we can and will build a box for it, so it's safe.

of course, if anyone can get ahold of a Flat Panel x-ray detector, we 
should get that.  it would allow much better x-ray pictures with less 
radiation.  but i hear they're really expensive.


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