[Noisebridge-discuss] Anyone for drones, Monday? Plus, call for Five Minutes of Fame talks!

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Sat Mar 16 05:29:13 UTC 2013

So, next week is the third week of the month at Noisebridge (and almost
everywhere else on earth), which means soon I have to go wild and hype
both Technoactivism Third Mondays and Five Minutes of Fame. 

This is not that hype though, this is an INTERACTIVE EMAIL, because you
are invited to join in! Especially our comradistas from our fellow


The EFF's Trevor Timm and Parker Higgins, who run @drones, your one-stop
Twitter guide to surveillance drones news, are speaking at
Technoactivism Third Mondays on the ummm Monday of next week, at 6PM.

They'll be talking about EFF's FOIA work on domestic drone use and
policy within US government, and other research. 

BUT they specifically asked me to reach out to the wider hackerspace
community for drone-hacking folks to come along, because they figured
that would make for useful conversations. Also it would save us time
setting up livestreaming if we had like a billion drones and blimps
watching the whole thing with their owners.

Technoactivism Third Mondays is a distributed meet-up for people working
on anti-surveillance, anti-censorship technologies. We meet in SF, NY,
Madison, and Amsterdam. Here is our link:


I've been slack putting the word out for this month's Five Minutes of
Fame, mainly because I've been in shock that one of my all time heroes,
Lee Felsenstein, organizer of the Homebrew Computer Club and Berkeley
Free Speech Movement, is coming over to speak. 

Still, EVEN THOUGH I would be happy to just listen to him talk all
evening, we should also have other people talk. 

So far I have awesomeness about open data, bugwrangling, and a small
play examining the questions raised by Kelis' "Milkshake" video.

We've had some fantastic talks from our sudoroom buddies recently, and
so I thought I'd ask extra nicely if any of you acemonstertorians and
hackerdojornians would like to give a 5 minute project demo, brainstorm
or rant. Just mail me at danny at spesh.com.

Here's some video of last month's https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Five_Minutes_of_Fame_2013_02_21

Okay, tomorrow I will send out more announcement-y messages.

Hope you are all well. The weather here is fine. Well, foggy actually. Big surprise.



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