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During the Manhattan project, they were in the business of making lots of
flourINE in these giant tanks. There was a long horizontal pipe leading
from the top of the tank to the atmosphere, which is how they checked to
see if the reaction was proceeding: they would stick a broom handle down
the tube; if it came back on fire, fluorine! - dru
On Mar 16, 2013 10:31 AM, "Sean Cusack" <sean.p.cusack at gmail.com> wrote:

> I like chemistry things (and used to do it for a living), so I checked all
> this out! What can I say, I get intrigued!
> Quick background to bring non chemistry lovers up to speed. FlourINE is an
> element, but you can't find any hanging around in its natural form as
> FlourINE. Instead, it comes bundled up with other atoms, then dissociates
> into the FlourIDE anion. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that you
> can't buy a bucket of Flouride and dump it into something....it has to come
> from somewhere.
> From what I can tell, the website is *really* protesting the use of
> Fluoride from an HFS source instead of the (naturally occurring) CaF
> source. Since HFS is a byproduct of other industrial processes, it is
> claimed that it is "hazardous waste" on the site. Just because it is a
> byproduct doesn't mean its waste. Its industry's version of material
> recycling. The people that make this HFS as a byproduct have to clean it up
> to sell it just like it was any other chemical, or else no one would
> purchase it.
> Secondly, HFS is an attractive flourine source since it has *6* flourines
> per molecule. The naturally occurring version only has 2. More flourines
> per molecule, the less you need to buy to get the dose you want, so its
> cheaper. What about safety? The leftover silicon will probably bond with
> some oxygen running around to form good old SiO2 - which is sand. Like, the
> stuff on the beach.
> Lastly is the dose. I don't know what the dose of flouride in water is.
> However, it is known that a dose of 70mg F / 1 kg body mass would kill half
> the people that took it. If we assume even a 3kg newborn, that would be a
> 210mg F- dose. HFS has a sour odor, and fumes if it is in too high of a
> concentration. If we assume we'd be able to smell 1 part in 10,000 flouride
> (*very conservative*. We can smell parts per million of sulfur compounds),
> that means concentration in the water supply is 0.1mg / gram water or less.
> At 0.1mg/g conc, a newborn baby would have to drink 2100g = 2100mL or about
> 4 pint glasses full of water to get this dose in a day. Not impossible, but
> near impossible.
> Anyways, those are my $0.02.
> Sean
>  On Mar 13, 2013 4:16 PM, "Garrett Smith" <dhtmlkitchen at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Event:
>> March 22, 3pm, Union Square,
>> About the drug Fluoride being added to our water supply, ostensibly to
>> prevent tooth decay (dubious).
>> Fluoride is not a nutrient, is toxic at the cellular level.
>> Fluoride from water accumulates in processed foods and beverages and
>> from cooking. For example pasta, oats, wheat berries will all absorb
>> water from fluoride. Other sources of fluoride include tea, dental
>> products, pesticides, PFOA (non-stick) pans, pharmaceuticals,
>> processed meats, and produce (from "cryolite" which is sodium aluminum
>> fluoride, and from fluoridated water used in crop irrigation).
>> Fluoride is synergistic with aluminum (a vaccine excipient), reducing
>> IQ starting at an early age.
>> Flyers with more info:
>> http://www.fluorideout.org/
>> Can I print some out at NB? And if not, if someone would do so for me,
>> I will put them around. I need about 25.
>> More info on F: @NoFluorideSF, @FluorideAlert, @DAVIDKENNEDYDDS, @intooth
>> --
>> Garrett
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