[Noisebridge-discuss] [benefit] press release ATTACHED AS 3.2MB PNG FILE

James Sundquist sundquistjames at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 21:44:54 UTC 2013

I don't want my phone number on the flyer; No one has had to call me about
the fundraiser and I'd prefer to keep it that way.  Also, it makes way more
sense for people to e-mail noisebridge-discuss than to e-mail me, because I
always end up just bouncing everything back onto nb-discuss to keep up
transparency and avoid unnecessary confusion.

Tony, if you are happy to keep using noizparty, then let's make that the
"unofficial place" to send questions in addition to nb-discuss.  By proxy,
you really should list yourself as a co-producer or something if you aren't
completely resistant, because you are currently 100% in the loop on this
event.  Also, I send you the Dropbox invite four days, but this is the link
anyone can use: http://db.tt/Wm2Gisig

I'm updating the wiki and will have it up-to-date and useful again by this
evening.  I send Dwayne the musician an e-mail to see if he is still
wanting to play some songs.  More info later today.

On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 2:10 PM, Tony Longshanks LeTigre <
anthonyletigre at gmail.com> wrote:

> I took some liberty in putting Stan on as co-producer. I thought we should
> have 2 names, & I didn't want to be one of 'em. I will however monitor all
> mail sent to the Riseup email (noizparty) & forward it along. Stan, you
> said something about not knowing enough about the event to be point person,
> if that's the case I can put Mitch down instead, if you're OK w/ that
> Mitch? LMK. And I will need 2 phone numbers to replace those x's, so James
> + coproducer please send, if you're allright w/ that being on a press
> release.
> +11+
> On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 2:03 PM, Tony Longshanks LeTigre <
> anthonyletigre at gmail.com> wrote:
>> DropBox - yes, thanks for reminding me! (James, you still haven't sent me
>> that invite, have you?)
>> Shows how tired/oblivious I was that a typo like "cheaperk" would've got
>> past me, I've worked as a copy editor in the past, this is not me
>> functioning @ optimal capacity.
>> I noticed the 83C Wiese thing too, after I emailed the file. I must've
>> grabbed the old logo image off the wiki. I'll correct it.
>> +11+
>> On Sat, Mar 16, 2013 at 9:12 PM, Mitch Altman <maltman23 at hotmail.com>wrote:
>>> Tony -- this is really great!
>>> Since our server isn't configured to accept any files bigger than 2MB, I
>>> uploaded it to my DropBox, where anyone can grab it:
>>> https://www.dropbox.com/l/mPeZ9YySVlosSDtL791p4c
>>> Two changes I'd suggest:
>>>    * use the Noisebridge logo with our latest address (the one you used
>>> has our old address of 83C Wiese)
>>>    * nix the "k" at the end of "cheaperk" in the phrase "Rent's not
>>> getting any cheaperk,"
>>> Here's the artwork for our logo with our current address:
>>> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Identity
>>> Best,
>>> Mitch.
>>> ________________________________
>>> > Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2013 15:35:49 -0700
>>> > Subject: [benefit] press release ATTACHED AS 3.2MB PNG FILE
>>> > From: anthonyletigre at gmail.com
>>> > To: maltman23 at hotmail.com; sundquistjames at gmail.com; stan at ana.com;
>>> > sf99er at gmail.com
>>> > CC: noisebridge-discuss at lists.noisebridge.net
>>> >
>>> > Here's the press release I was working on, sorry it's furiously late.
>>> > I'm used to Photoshop & Gimp has been driving me crazy, I've really
>>> > gotta take a break before I do something counterproductive like punch
>>> > the computer. This still needs slight fixing (adding names of
>>> > performers) & possibly other corrections you will see that I didn't. I
>>> > can work on it again later tonight, but if someone else has Gimp &
>>> > wants to make final changes & start sending it out, that might be best.
>>> > Do we have a list of people/places we've already sent word of the event
>>> > to? Bombarding is ill-advised....
>>> >
>>> > Normally I wouldn't send a file this size to so many people but it's
>>> > gotta be print quality & I've been repeatedly instructed to copy every
>>> > bit of correspondence re: the benefit to the whole list, so there ya
>>> > go.
>>> >
>>> > +11+
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