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Will you like Thunderground Collective, the music group that came out of Occupy SF, to play the fundraiser. They/we can play amplified or acoustic and consists of anywhere from 1 singer/songwriter with guitar, bass, and drums, to multiple vocalists/songwriters with stand up bass, classical violin, horns, and more. If so, when is best for them to play and how long of a set?

Thank you! 
P.s. I think Kyle and I are happy to help with sound equipment and running sound. We have large subs, PAs, sound board, mics, etc.

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On Mar 11, 2013, at 11:06 AM, Mitch Altman <maltman23 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I think combining the zine with the door is a fine idea.  
> And thanks for everyone keeping an eye out for people in the member shelves area.
> Mitch.
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>> Subject: Benefit
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>> If necessary I (Tony, of ZiP MegaZine) could be the door person, at least
>> part-time. I was going to have a table of zines, lit &c anyway, it seems
>> possible to combine the two. I should probably have one other person there
>> to assist me, though. And I had also offered to patrol the space during
>> the event to make sure no one is doing anything unsavory like messing w/
>> the member shelves or leaving drinks unattended, &c.
>> T.
>> This is the email address I set up for this event: noizparty at riseup.net.
>> Use it as a contact address as you wish. I will forward any info or
>> queries received to the appropriate personnel.
>> PS If you haven't heard WE JUST GOT A WORKING VINYL CUTTER. Casey hooked
>> it up the other night when I was there. I think we can print a big
>> NOISEBRIDGE BETARAISER 2013 banner with it in black vinyl to deck the
>> halls!
>> On Sun, March 10, 2013 8:33 pm, Mitch Altman wrote:
>>> Yay! I'm in. It should be a way fun evening.
>>> I'd suggest 7pm to 11pm for the fundraiser. (And, no need to kick anyone
>>> out at 11pm.)
>>> Maybe we could have short workshops/demos from 6pm to 7pm that people can
>>> sign up for?
>>> During the entire event, we should have someone sitting at the door, at a
>>> small table, with a donation box, with a sign that says something like:
>>> "Suggested donation $10". Of course, no one will be turned away for lack
>>> of funds (but we don't need to say that on the sign).
>>> Mitch.
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>>> Subject: Re: Set the date for a Noisebridge Fundraiser
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>>> Hey All,
>>> We're having a Noisefund BetaRaiser this March, the 30th. Send me back a
>>> confirmation if you're still able/interested in partaking; we love you
>>> all and your enthusiasm.
>>> Musically, the potential idea is:
>>> Dubious Ranger, Dwayne's Band (not sure of their name), Carl & Beatrice,
>>> Noisejam Orchestra. This'll be very cool as it puts the emphasis on
>>> homemade instruments. If all the bands are cool with it, I believe it
>>> would be excellent to allow Noisejam people to jam along (they're people
>>> who've built their own kooky instruments at Noisebridge).
>>> Outside of music, the more concrete ideas are:
>>> Tony will man a table for ZiP zine. Mitch Altman will demo cool circuit
>>> hacking. Someone will step-up to man a table for a silent art auction.
>>> Persons unknown will help with a pleasant setup and teardown, which will
>>> cause minimal chaos. Someone will step up to help provide food for the
>>> event which can be enjoyed by all. It seems byob is the concept of the
>>> day, which will hopefully avoid the need for a liquor license (correct me
>>> on this). Like everything else, the event will be done by optional
>>> donation.
>>> Big questions we currently face:
>>> How long should this be? Perhaps 6 or 7pm - 11pm, with music from 8:30pm -
>>> 10:30pm.
>>> Could someone teach the vinyl cutter and laser cutter, or perhaps the
>>> maker bots? It would be awesome to let people sign up as small groups to
>>> check these things out in 15 or 20min rotations. Share your thoughts!
>>> This is what is rolling around my head at the moment. Let's hack away on
>>> it,
>>> James
>>> On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 11:14 AM, James Sundquist
>>> <sundquistjames at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> A simple affair with art for sale, or a splendid gala event with
>>> performances, bands, food, and an art auction.
>>> Date is tentative for sometime around April. Do we want to do March 29th,
>>> a Friday, for the fundraiser or April 26th, a Friday? My personal opinion
>>> is to get quieter bands with homemade instruments into the space. So far
>>> we can basically confirm March 29th for Dubious Ranger, Dwayne's Band,
>>> Carl & Beatrice; this puts the emphasis on homemade instruments, avoids
>>> using an outside venue, and keeps things at Noisebridge. I also suggest
>>> reaching out to Vegan Hackers, 5moF, Noise Jam, and any other groups that
>>> represent highlights of the space. We should have foot, art, music, the
>>> whole deal.
>>> Re-Cap:
>>> DanF has multiple paintings ready to auction.
>>> James has six bands ready to play March 29th or 30th. 2 loud punk groups,
>>> 2 not-very-loud bands with homemade instruments, 2 acoustic bands.
>>> Someone should reach out to Noisejam (done), Vegan Hackers, 5moF, Circuit
>>> Hacking Mondays (done), and any other group you think would be cool.
>>> I've CC'ed Stan the Organizer, band members, Mitch @ Circuit Hacking
>>> Mondays, Johny @ Noise Jam
>>> This e-mail references the wiki (Art) section for the event planning,
>>> previous discussion threads in February, and was mentioned at the
>>> Noisebridge meeting (but no one wrote it down). Do *not* e-mail me
>>> personally; let's keep this on discuss where it belongs.
>> --

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