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Wed Mar 20 16:15:01 UTC 2013

^ had some youngsters come by *ix open learning/hacking last night from
creative arts school...

^ those of you that volunteer/work with partimus will know the school well
as having burned in the fire and WE filled the school with free linux

^ the two youths are already coding in python, java, some C and other
projects and were there to check out the linux/unix stuff going on and the
space in general...

^ i let them know about py.class, front end web dev., linux sys.admin, and
database classes that go on which got their attention...

^ they were familiar with ubuntu (of course) as that's what is installed on
the school's hardware but were very keen to learn about debian, backtrack,
knoppix, and other distros and their differences...

^ we think they were actually linux coders on recon ;-)

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