[Noisebridge-discuss] To the @#$er that broke into my member shelf...

John Withers jwithers at reddagger.org
Wed Mar 20 18:59:15 UTC 2013


Really sorry to hear this. And yeah, I think that most people, myself 
certainly, who work on hardware projects more complex than toy stuff 
that can be done in a single sitting and taken home have given up on 
trying to work at NB. I am currently visiting another space for a few 
weeks and got tired and thought I had moved my project to a shelf Hive 
has kindly let me use for the duration of my stay. I come back in a 
couple of days later and can't find any of my stuff and have to spend 
about 15 minutes looking for it and find it right where I had 
incorrectly left it. And I realized how strange I find it that you can 
leave anything laying around and have a reasonable expectation it will 
not have been converted to meth when you come back.

NB does a lot of things well, and certain things related to the 
intersection of political awareness and technology culture *really* 
well. But being a place useful for hackers who work on anything but 
political agendas and software, not so much at this point.


On 03/20/2013 02:05 PM, Martin Bogomolni wrote:
> So, I built a box on my member shelf, and put a token and easily
> removed lock on the box.   It was only secured by two screws, and a
> cheap $1 padlock.
> That said, the screws were removed, and everything //in// my member
> shelf was stolen.
> Okay, this goes from being "casual" to "full frontal fu#@$ery"
> I can live without the physical bitcoins that I had in there,
> honestly.   I had already transferred the coins off them, so they are
> pretty pieces of brass w/ holographic stickers on them, and I mostly
> kept them there to show others that you can carry digital currency in
> a convenient physical form.
> However, some of the things I had in there were projects in progress
> that I would have liked to have been able to work on while at NB this
> last week.    I had the Cerberus-Prox RFID relay boards, an arduino
> DUE, and a few other things in there from my last visit.
> I'm tired of all the ass-hattery, and this was more than just a casual
> theft.  Someone had to think about it, use a screwdriver and meant to
> take what was inside.
> >From April forward, I'll only be visiting NoiseBridge as a guest, and
> will withdraw my monthly support.   It's no longer a place I can do
> work at, or leave things in, and that's not the kind of place I want
> to participate at.
> I'm sorry Andy, Mitch, Rachel ... I wish I could say I could look past
> this kind of stuff.  There is some fundamental broken-ness.
> -Martin
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