[Noisebridge-discuss] To the @#$er that broke into my member shelf...

Robert "Finny" Merrill rfmerrill at berkeley.edu
Thu Mar 21 08:12:21 UTC 2013

On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 8:22 PM, Garrett Mace <garrettmace at gmail.com> wrote:

> It's still just treating a symptom. And it wouldn't solve the case where someone gets distracted for a moment and turns around to find their Macbook slipping quietly into someone else's backpack. It's a violent situation waiting to happen, and it's because the wrong people are in the space. Inclusiveness is a great idea but it is a failed experiment. Reset all the door codes and distribute new codes over the course of a few days using a traceable chain of trust. Repeat each time something gets stolen. It boggles my mind that this can happen as a chronic, expected problem and people accept it.

Who are "the wrong people"?

Are you trying to imply that there's some sort of "thief gene" and we
should screen people for it?

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