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I dunno about "B players", but I do agree that perhaps the reason that
Noisebridge has started to feel unwieldy is that it's become a go-to
for way too many purposes.

I'd be very into both discussing the "purpose" of Noisebridge and
seeing whether there's a sense of clarity to be reached there,
especially in terms of still fulfilling the values of radical
inclusiveness, diversity, and openness.

One question I'd like to explore is whether NB should "think of
itself" as a community, or as a space.

That discussion may seem purely pedantic, but it comes with cultural

If you look at the course of human history, as human societies grow to
the point where each individual can no longer "keep track of" all of
the other individuals in that group, and in situations where those
individuals feel attachment to a particular point of geography,
traditionally, this is when skirmishes and wars start to erupt.

We are already fighting an ongoing cultural battle at NB over two
different concepts of property (private vs collectivist).

I would suggest that the issue of Property will only become worse over
time as two different expectational standards vie for cultural control
of the same physical space.


On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 12:31 PM, Chris Murphy
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> +1 on the YouTube link.
> Ever since I arrived, Noisebridge has become overrun with B players.  Sorry guys :-)
> One route would be to close our doors and harden our walls. Another route would be to improve the society around us so that we don't have to shut ourselves off from the community.
> I suggest we spin off an organization(s) that aim to fix the societal problems that afflict Noisebridge. These organizations would ask the 'five whys' and then attempt to change society as a whole with a long term view.
> For example:
> Provide free nursery schools.
> Effective free drug education.
> A 'Boy Scouts' that is tolerant, inclusive, unreligious, and coed.
> Your ideas here...
> PS. The 'five whys' are a tenet of Lean production and root cause analysis. There is plenty of info about it online.
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