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Shawn shawnlandden at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 18:08:13 UTC 2013

I have to disagree.

Weev For The Win!

On 3/21/13, Robert "Finny" Merrill <rfmerrill at berkeley.edu> wrote:
> I could only watch this for like 10 seconds, that guy is irritating.
> Zero sympathy for him. Yes, it's wrong for the state to be victimizing
> him like they are, but he WANTS it to happen. If he wanted to be let
> off with a lighter sentence, that totally could have happened but he
> shot himself in the foot over and over again.
> I honestly think that this man is clinically incapable of treating
> other human beings kindly. Every single interaction I or someone I
> know has had with him has been negative.
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