[Noisebridge-discuss] The Unkempt State of Noisebridge and a Change in the Axial Tilt of our Planet.

Shawn shawnlandden at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 18:09:55 UTC 2013

Guess the only person that ever washed dishes at NoiseBridge has to
come back to town ;)

On 3/21/13, Zachary Morriss <zmorriss at gmail.com> wrote:
> I heed this call, and will begin stacking dishes post haste. Now who will
> volunteer to clean Lillian's brains off the walls after she sees this
> wonderful pile of dirty dishes in the sink?
> All joking aside, I think it's a wonderful request! I generally run into
> problems when cleaning the space of not wanting to trash someone's work in
> progress, so please don't mistake me for a meth-head, should I be caught
> cleaning, and if you have a WIP, make a little extra effort to tidy when
> done these next 10 days, lest I sell your project for a quick thrill.
> Zach
> On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 6:55 PM, Lillian Fleurs
> <lillian.fleurs at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Alternatively titled: Noisebridge Spring Cleaning?
>> So due to the nature of this season and the fact that there's this big
>> Noisebridge fundraiser happening at the end of the month, I've been
>> looking
>> around the space and noticing messes everywhere. Now granted, as much as
>> I
>> would like to see this space clean in time for the event, my lack of
>> focus
>> and organization for such a huge task far outweighs my desire to do it.
>> Sure I can pick up trash and put them in the right receptacles and even
>> clean a few dishes (so long as they aren't piled up so high my brain
>> explodes), but beyond that I'm pretty useless without some kind of
>> direction.
>> Now I'm sure I'm not the only person at Noisebridge who hates seeing a
>> sea
>> of chairs in random places, stacks of books with empty shelf space, or
>> scrap electronics left out with nowhere to go. In fact, I'm sure there
>> are
>> people here who care more than I do. And I would ask each of these folks
>> to
>> do something to help bring the space to tiptop shape by the 30th. It
>> could
>> be a very small thing like cleaning up any messes once you're done making
>> them to a bigger project like reorganizing the books in the library or
>> making room for some of the newer donations.
>> Together we can all have a better, more functional hacker space. Happy
>> Spring everyone!
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