[Noisebridge-discuss] Just wanted to share this... (Weev)

Brian Cloutier briancloutier2010 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 19:47:18 UTC 2013

> For real the case is all kinds of fucked up. If anything it's an
> obvious power move by AT&T--"we are above the law, here let us show
> you how above the law we are"

I was under the impression AT&T decided not to prosecute. They
realized they had fucked up by publishing email addresses without
authentication, and that there probably wasn't a case.

I heard it was the DOJ that decided to take up the case and file against weev.

On another note, has anyone tried to file a class action against AT&T
for publishing private information? Is that even illegal? At the very
least, could you use it to get out of your contract early without
paying a early termination fee? "You said my information would only be
shared between you and your affiliates, by publishing you broke your
own terms of service so it's now void and unenforceable"

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