[Noisebridge-discuss] "member" culture, not policy

Mitchel McAllister xonimmortal at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 23 17:05:49 UTC 2013

This is a facetious and specious claim. EFF does do work to benefit the community/society, within their stated aims. Nowhere in EFF's mission/vision/etc. do they promise to provide space for people to work on projects.

Employees are not members. Members are not employees.

I suspect that you are just trolling to piss off a few people here who have more direct connections to the EFF than you or I.

If that is your version of hacking, I suggest you go back to 4chan where you can publish personal details of people who disagree with you.

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> > 2. Closing the space to non-members will not work
> because it will also get Noisebridge in trouble. This time
> with the IRS and California state government. An
> organization that is founded solely for the benefit of
> members - once again, for members*only*  - is not a
> charitable organization and does not receive tax-exempt
> status. As a matter of fact, a **mutual benefit
> organization** is taxed, and members have their benefits
> from said organization taxed as well. Even non-monetary
> benefits have to be assigned a cost/value and taxed
> accordingly. I have said this several times, and been
> ignored. Let me spell this out for you: This **fact** is not
> going to change just because you don't want to believe it.
> Mik!
> Do me a favor, go and set up your laptop and start your
> "hacking" in the offices of the EFF. Just for a couple of
> days. When they decide to remove you because you aren't
> helping with their mission, you can explain to them that
> they can't have offices just for their employees and people
> they decide by their limited choice process to help. Might I
> suggest Danny's office there? I have been thinking for quite
> a while that someone needs to teach those ignorant bastards
> how 501c3's work.
> j
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