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Mon Mar 25 00:32:14 UTC 2013

* where are the records of the actual proven charges against shawn landen

* with documentation of proof(s)

* with the full names of ALL accusers, incidents, witnesses, statements,
affidavits et.al...

* there are too many threads to waste time going through and this should be
immediately accessible to EVERYONE in the space at any time...

* this is only directly referencing incidents IN THE SPACE (2169 mission
st., s.f., ca, 94103); nothing outside of it...

* we DO NOT want to start/continue a thread about him, merely access this
complete information and have it transparent/accessible to ENTIRE community
as it was stated that certain people within NB came to a 'consensus'  based
on this proof and information to ban someone.

* any time this happens, ALL information related to it should be

* thank you for letting us know where to access it...

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