[Noisebridge-discuss] [8:00pm in Turing] Noisebridge Homepage Hacking! Web development!

Ken M. Haggerty kenmhaggerty at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 21:32:58 UTC 2013

*Interested in ...*
• Making it *easier* to *donate* to Noisebridge?!
• *Web* development?
• A more *usable* and *attractive* homepage for Noisebridge?

Stop by at *8:00p**m** tonight* in *Turing* (classroom) if interested in
helping or providing feedback

Ken Haggerty is organizing :D I will bring some cookies? Oreos?

*   *   *   *   *

A group of us will begin hacking out an alternative homepage design, and *
IFF* enough people like it, we can use it on Noisebridge.net.
(DON'T WORRY, the wiki **isn't** going anywhere.
...also, if it sucks, it'll just be good web-dev practice)

But *why*, you ask, should Noisebridge have a new homepage, when our
current one is perfectly fine?

• A wiki is pretty *intimidating* to look at if you are not already a
technically-oriented person.
• Noisebridge is awesome because it's *welcoming* to everyone, and our
homepage should welcome all hackers, from our computer scientists to our
architects, fashion, and food hackers!
• A clear and clean homepage will make it easier to *solicit donations* to
keep Noisebridge running! (where is the donate button??)
• A better homepage with a clear message can *attract non-members* who are
interested in learning more about Noisebridge.

This is the same time/place as the usual weekly Frontend Web Development
lab, so others present will also be working on other cool things too.

Cool beans, show up or shoot me a message at kenmhaggerty at gmail.com if
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