[Noisebridge-discuss] State of the Panic (3 of 2n+1 parts)

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Fri Mar 29 03:36:16 UTC 2013

TLDR: We still need you and your so-called friends to pledge $10/a month
to Noisebridge and be our savious. But you don't need to use PayPal to give us money anymore!

So the state of the Panic is... (drumroll)

We now up to $1370 a month in extra regular donations, and $1104 in
pledges to the same. 

This means that we are getting close to viability IF and ONLY IF we can
turn those pledges into cold hard liquor uhh i mean funding.

The pledges are from people who can't really do our current
credit-card-based PayPal system, for a bunch of good reasons (the best
reason of all being "it's my money and if you want it, you should find a
way to let me give it to you the way I want")

Me, Lizzard, and Ken will be doing LIVE ACCOUNTING at the fundraiser on
Saturday at a special WE HAVE NO MONEY table. Apart from trying to sort
out the atomic crater I have made out of Kelly's careful connecting of
payments to individuals, we will also be messing with new ways of paying
for Noisebridge. If you would like to volunteer or just drop off your
first $10 donation, come along! I am sure we will be literally the least
fun at that party.

My first experiment in this is setting up a WePay account. It was really
easy! I hope they don't close it down or run away with our money to
Anguilla or something. You can donate to Noisebridge using it this way:


Alternatively, you can just pay with boring paypal here:

or pledge your support here and leave it to us to find a way to take
your money here:

More news as events warrant!

PS Casey pointed me to this excellent summary of how we got here from
treasurer emeritus, Kelly:

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