[Noisebridge-discuss] I am selling Noisebridge's pretty bitcoin collection, btw

Jayson Elliot jayson at gygaxmagazine.com
Fri Mar 29 19:06:59 UTC 2013

Now is definitely the time to offload the bitcoins. I ditched mine when
they were "only" at $45, and I feel I did well. They've been up at this
level before, and it took almost two years for them to recover from a
massive crash not long after.

On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 3:04 PM, Danny O'Brien <danny at spesh.com> wrote:

> I figure $89 per bit is as good a deal as any (technically I already
> sold Noisebridge's bitcoins a month ago at $30 but fortunately it is all
> fungible and Noisebridge's bitcoin wallet is inside my Bitcoin wallet
> and I just declared those sold bitcoins are *my* sold bitcoins, if you
> see what I mean).
> We had 4.46219 bitcoins, making it, ahhh hell let's round it up to $400.
> If you think I am selling too soon, simply send us more Bitcoins at
> 1B5sJQ6Wu6AmK9xG5YTic4Nszw4PS7UMAM
> and I will keep those ones for another six months.
> PS Everybody asks us to offer bitcoins, but very people actually send us
> bitcoins, in the same way that a bunch of people asked for WePay, but
> the total amount we've got from the public via WePay so far is in fact
> $1*. Come on, bitcoin and wepay people! Show you're better than those
> Paypal galoots!
> d.
> * Actually that is not true. We also got $10 from me via WePay because I
>   had to test the system and also was being hypocritical in not upping
>   my donation by ten bucks. And someone not a million miles from Metalab
>   chipped into keep Noisebridge alive to the sum of $160 a month, but
>   asked for WePay, so I set it up. Too much transparency!
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