[Noisebridge-discuss] I believe this means that my friend could use some help with data retrieval :)

Alexandra Glowaski alex.glowaski at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 17:18:36 UTC 2013

Help her out, and you could be the proud owner of some delicious
fresh-squeezed juice and/or cool disco music CDs! The matter is "kinda
Yimei (CCed) writes:

Hello Hola!
Challenge in need of geek-minded superstar to help my lack of boxes.
At SF General Hospital -- my Iomega external hard drive has a liver problem
recently diagnosed. She's 3 years old & young at heart. Beating & spinning
regularly, her extension USB attached cousin to the PC computer was
diagnosed as OK (changed 2 times w/2 new cords). However, upon connecting
to mother computer, no icons show up in My Computers. Iomega hard drive
still spins. Safe data abstract from a doctor needed asap. All my life
memories is in this. Ambulance to E.R.

Make your world!
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