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> that was an amazing evening!
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         *“We may philosophize as coolly and correctly as we choose about
our duties and about the laws of right living; no one of us lives up to
what he knows. The man struck by the falling tree has, perhaps, been
careless. We are all careless. Environed as we are by risks and perils,
which befall us as misfortunes, no man of us is in a position to say, **‘**I
know all the laws, and am sure to obey them all; therefore I shall never
need aid and sympathy.**’** At the very best, one of us fails in one way
and another in another, if we do not fail altogether. Therefore the man
under the tree is the one of us who for the moment is smitten. It may be
you tomorrow, and I next day. It is the common frailty in the midst of a
common peril which gives us a kind of solidarity of interest to rescue the
one for whom the chances of life have turned out badly just now. Probably
the victim is to blame. He almost always is so. A lecture to that effect in
the crisis of his peril would be out of place, because it would not fit the
need of the moment; but it would be very much in place at another time,
when the need was to avert the repetition of such an accident to somebody
else. Men, therefore, owe to men, in the chances and perils of this life,
aid and sympathy, on account of the common participation in human frailty
and folly.”** *

*—William Graham Sumner*
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