[Noisebridge-discuss] Panic! Noisebridge will close down in July UNLESS YOU READ ALL OF THIS EMAIL (Part 1 of many)

Ka-Ping Yee noisebridge at zesty.ca
Sun Mar 31 20:15:47 UTC 2013

I'm so confused.  Around the end of January there were great announcements of panic, imminent shutdown of Noisebridge, desperate pleas for donations, etc.

Then I came to a Tuesday meeting where we looked at the treasurer's report and I asked just how terrible things were and the general sentiment seemed to be that, yes, we should try to collect more donations at events like 5MoF, but no need to worry, things seemed mostly okay.  No one seemed especially concerned.

Now we are in Screaming Panic Mode again -- from Panic! to Like, whatever... to Panic! in the space of about two months.

How worried should we be, really?  Is there objective data I can track?  Are perceptions wildly divergent among different people, or merely among different points in time?  Help.


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