[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge 5 year anniversary party donations - Update

Liz Henry lizhenry at gmail.com
Sun Mar 31 22:01:22 UTC 2013

Good "morning" Noisebridge!

Last night Danny deposited $695 into our account just before the bank shut.

I came home with $1908.00 in my pocket mostly in twenties and tens and
checks from the donations table, and left the event in full swing (with the
last band about to go on, then a DJ) and more cash in the small red
donations bucket.  I absconded do-ocratically with nearly all the money and
greatly enjoyed the feeling!

There is also about $190 in Square payments.

So that is $2793...

Plus $398 that Mitch Altman reports..... up to 3198...

Tom says,

"  I left around 2230, Just after James announced the end of the live
music and the start of some cleanup. I took with me all the cash I
could find, including everything from all the little donation buckets
around the space, and from the main pink donation box, another $1298

So that's $4489.  Some of that was related to the tshirts. We did not do
accounting for the tshirt donations. Mitch has already been paid back for
his cost in buying them.

Plus whatever is in other people's pockets or still in the space.

James was right that we would hit $3000 !

Unrelated to the party, from online donations:

There is $520 in one-time donations that have come in through PayPal, which
brings us to $5009 extra in the Noisebridge account since a week ago.

Plus $1930 NEW subscriptions per month in PayPal, WePay, and other payment
options are already set up and going into the Noisebridge bank account.

But wait, there's more.

One-time pledges, but not paid yet:  $1675
Monthly pledges, not set up to pay yet: $1199

That was very fast, very impressive, widespread donation and pledging.  We
still need more to get to our  $18K goal for 3 months' expenses in reserve.

If we can top that, it will be really helpful for us to make infrastructure
improvements -- 5 years of the volume of people we have using the space
regularly means we definitely are due for renewal and infrastructure
creation to support the stuff we're doing.

Speaking of that stuff we're doing . . . On Tuesday and Wednesday this week
some of us are going to give classes and workshops for around 60 high
school physics students from the Visitacion Valley neighborhood of San
Francisco. The students will be visiting Noisebridge with their teacher
over two days. Yan and John and I will be teaching soldering! Martin is
signed up to teach circuit bending, while Casey will teach how to use the
laser cutter and vinyl cutter. We have others volunteering, but we need

I would love to get more people teaching at this event about basic
electronics. Amber has asked specifically if anyone can talk about
electromagnetism, speakers, or any sort of basic electronics with or
without a practical demonstration, would be just great.  Please sign up on
the wiki page for the Burton High School visit -- add your name and any
time you can commit to teach a group of students, or to help with setup,
tours, general questions, and cleanup.

A real report will come from your elected treasurer soon, perhaps with
some sort of magical API hack of online financial reporting tools .




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Liz Henry
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