[Noisebridge-discuss] Tuesday's radio rap up meeting.

Hilaire Nollette metatecque at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 21:18:29 UTC 2013

My understanding is that if Noisebridge Radio is to be, it would be
excellent for our Board to step up, as under the Federal Communications
Commission Guidelines it requires the names and information for the board
are listed on the electronic form to which Norman is asking for that data...
This document on the following page probably provides for the data needed
to file, and as the membership has approved the creation of the station all
we need to do is file the appropriate documents,

And under the rules which have been provided for us ... I will note the
document we are to adhere to in these situations...
As it is on file with the state... ... Has this been updated? as required.
This should also be included in the additional documentation that is
requested as part of that application to qualify for the point as provided
in FCC Form 318 ...

On my end.. I am within 2 weeks of going online with an actual station, or
at least to start testing and seeing how we will fill our calender.
I am using the incredible leverage of the Internet Archive, and after
careful looking over the FCC Rules, I think we can have enough Locally
Produced Content just from the Creative Commons...

I have found that working in radio has been a lonely endeavour, it doesn't
have to be...
I have total confidence that Noisebridge Radio will be made a reality, but
it takes people doing. Norman, You may now have have the information that
is necessary, I would like to go over the application as it is submitted,
so you have a second pair of eyes on it...

I hear great things about a lot of great projects,

I'd love to have it as part of the programming on "The Bridge", Here's the
thing, If you want to produce media at noisebridge as noisebridge is
inherently noisy, we need to figure out timing for using the space, I
propose those that want to record excellently, join me in early hours when
we can record and have a clean signal.

Either that or we need to build a booth, someone has suggested the server
room, currently it is not sound proofed, and the resources and energy to do
that project will require more then what I can contributea alone. Anyone
wanna step up on that one would be great..

I am building the radio playout system, and gathering resources to provide
automation and live broadcast modalities. As soon as I have more stuff
recorded you will be able to stream it at noisebridge and add to it if you
feel so excellently inclined.

Norman, contact me if you need help with the application.


On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 6:03 AM, Noisebridge Radio <
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> I moved the time to 19:00 (7pm) because this will be a short meeting. More
> of a thank you for helping.
> The final filing opportunity is before 14:00 PST on the 14th. I have
> received one response from the officers and board. As I am unable to
> completely fill out the form I won't be filing. This could change if the
> other officials get me the information.
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