[Noisebridge-discuss] THIS THURS: Beehive Collective presents their new mural "Mesoamerica Resiste!"

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Wed Nov 13 02:41:57 UTC 2013

learn about the ongoing plan to "develop" latin america for the benefit of 
the wealthy at the expense of the people and the environment:

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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 18:31:31 -0800
From: Sakura Saunders <sakura.saunders at gmail.com>
Subject: THIS THURS: Beehive Collective presents their new mural
     "Mesoamerica Resiste!"

WHAT: "Mesoamérica Resiste!" graphic story-telling about resistance to neo-colonialism and mega-projects in Mexico and Central America
WHEN: Thurs, Nov. 14 6:30pm
WHERE: 2135 Broadway,  downtown Oakland
WHO: Beehive Design Collective: beehivecollective.org

MESOAMÉRICA RESISTE is the long awaited final instalment in the Beehive’s graphic trilogy about globalization in the Americas! This collaboratively produced educational
illustration was created through an intensive process of grassroots research that started in 2004, when an initial team from the US, Canada, and Mexico traveled together from
Mexico to Panama to meet with communities organizing against the mega-infrastructure projects of a regional integration plan then known as Plan Puebla Panama.

9 years in the making, the Mesoamérica Resiste graphic reflects the Beehive’s efforts to document and share diverse stories of communities defending their sovereignty and
building alternatives to top-down development plans - especially organizing led by Indigenous peoples, who have fought back against colonialism and genocide for centuries.

The Beehive Design Collective is a wildly-motivated, all volunteer, activist-art collective dedicated to “cross-pollinating the grassroots” by creating collaborative,
anti-copyright images for use as educational and organizing tools. We work anonymously as word-to-image translators of complex global stories, gathered and shared through first
hand conversations with affected communities.

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