[Noisebridge-discuss] Free Broken Hard Disks

Alex Buie alex.buie at frozenfeline.net
Thu Nov 14 00:12:59 UTC 2013

Nobody's volunteered to bring any to NB; I planned to next chance I have,
but that may be a little while. (esp since most of my rare free time is
late at night when it may be difficult to find a sponsor)

Anyone else who wants to take some to have on hand for hacking at NB is
totally appreciated!


On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 3:58 PM, John Ellis <neurofog at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Alex,
> I might come by tomorrow and grab a few if they are still around. If I can
> find some semi-similar, I'll try and program the motors to run on an
> Arduino (cliche I know) for the next CHM demo and bring a few to NB. I
> don't think I could bag & carry much more than 8-12 if available.
> I'm guessing these don't have steppers in them, but are voice coil and a
> good spindle motors  for the most part.
> For others reference,  modern HDDs often have parts like Flash ROMs and
> output "amps" for driving motors that also drive speakers etc. that can be
> recycled.
> Is anyone planning to bring a few to NB for hacking?
> Thanks
> John
> On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 2:13 PM, Alex Buie <alex.buie at frozenfeline.net>wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> $work (Internet Archive / archive.org) has a semi-large quantity of
>> broken/failed hard disks in various states of (non)function. (Some of them
>> still spin up, just have uncorrectable sectors, but most are completely
>> totaled [head crash, broken motor, et al])
>> Before we pay to have them e-cycled, I thought I'd post a message here to
>> see if anyone was interested in taking some quantity (1 or 5 or 10 or more)
>> of them to play with. They all still have the magnets in them, so they're a
>> good source of high-strength fridge/workbench magnets, or the platters make
>> neat source material for things. (It's also a cool project for anyone who
>> wants to see what the inside of a HD looks like firsthand)
>> They range in capacity from 2-4TB, but most are 3TB.
>> We're in the Richmond district, at the corner of Funston and Clement.
>> (one block northeast of Geary and Park Presidio)
>> If you have any questions or are interested, please don't hesitate to
>> email me. They're first-come, first-serve.
>> Alex
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