[Noisebridge-discuss] Solar Lanterns & Solar Ovens in Rwanda

girlgeek girlgeek at wt.net
Thu Nov 14 11:55:26 UTC 2013

If any of you are interested in what I have been doing in Rwanda in the 
year that my beagle and  I have been away from Noisebridge, I have 
posted a few pictures about
making solar lanterns in a small village in northern Rwanda.  They are 
at http://girlgeekrwanda.wordpress.com/

Last night I spoke with the town minister, (the mover & shaker of all 
things in that village).  He said that the women love their lanterns but 
they have a hard time finding firewood to cook with.  I told him that I 
would print off a few solar oven designs from the internet, and bring 
them to the village to experiment with while I am gone from the country 
for Christmas.  I know that I will easily track down various designs.  
But if anyone at Noisebridge has any experience with solar ovens, or any 
advice they'd like to offer, I would love to hear it.

Beagle Shiloh is not with me.  He is happily with 3 new little girls to 
play with in San Rafael.

Be well all.

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