[Noisebridge-discuss] Solar Lanterns & Solar Ovens in Rwanda

Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 17:21:14 UTC 2013

Giving  a handful of plans for a Solar Hack "works" sort of... for us
ubergeek Hackerfolk with the resources of a place like Noisebridge. Yeah-
we can build a workable somethingorother after some amusing learning
stumbles or the more rare- WOW- it worked the FIRST time.

But- if we go to the ends of the earth and our hackery fails to wow them-
we've not only lost face, we have maybe made irreparable wounds in the
*IDEA* of that hack as viable...

So- We'd better test the Fnords out of our stuff before we go to deploy it.
Reason being as follows:

One failed demo does more damage than is imaginable if we're seeking to
capture imaginations.

AND!! The reverse is eversomuchmoreso true- Me at age somethingteen seeing
a friend lighting his Camels with a Radio Shack Solar Cigarette Lighter was
an Indelibly memorable LIFE CHANGER!!

If the "demo" for a place like Rwanda is serving a meal cooked in a Solar
device -we may get True Disciples for Solar. IF we have finished units for
people there to take home from the demo and someone to assist Setup/First
Few Meals stuff- we may cross the critical acceptance point in a fashion
that LASTS.

Sorry for being evangelistic:>

Oren Beck

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