[Noisebridge-discuss] Live demo refuting quantum mechanics, invitation (fwd)

Jake jake at spaz.org
Mon Nov 18 04:21:04 UTC 2013

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Hello friends of Unquantum,

I am doing a live demonstration of the gamma-ray unquantum effect that refutes the photon model of light.

It will be at the Chit-Chat Cafe, 5 West Manor Dr, tomorrow Monday night November 18th and Monday night November 25th at 6 to 7:30 PM.   The poster for the event and details of
this work are at http://www.unquantum.net

This issue is important even if you are not a physicist.  Not all of you are "friends of unquantum;" some are foes.  Some of you will think this unquantum effect is impossible,
so this is your chance to see it for yourself.  I will video the event to post on Youtube, and will field all questions and feedback. 

Please forgive me for the following:  This is a mass mailing and not personalized.   I only do these mailings for important events.  I may have sent some of you this notice
earlier. The poster on my website has me with my electric guitar.  I did it that way to appeal to a wide audience.  I will also play a musical instrument I made at the end of
the event.  For some of you it is a long drive, but I reviewed my list and did not want anyone to feel left out.  

  Each event will be unique but each will demonstrate gamma-rays defying the  photon model.  If you know anyone who would be interested I hope you will please inform.  
Thank you for your interest.

Eric Reiter
Unquantum Laboratory
Pacifica, CA, 94044
650 738 9255

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