[Noisebridge-discuss] BBQ/Potluck to celebrate the life of Stig Hackvan

Katy Levinson katy at hackerdojo.com
Mon Nov 18 04:29:01 UTC 2013

Dear Extended Hacker Family,

Many of you already know that our beloved friend Stig Hackvan passed away
on Saturday November 9th after a long struggle with cancer.

There aren't words for this. Stig was an amazing part of our community, and
we are the poorer without him.

We have talked with his family, and they wish to throw a BBQ to celebrate
his life. The potluck/BBQ will be next Saturday the 23rd from 4PM until 8PM
at Hacker Dojo. Please bring beer, food, and good memories.

If you have bizarre hacky burning-man-esque art, I'm sure that would be
just the sort of thing he'd love to have at his party. If you don't have
any, perhaps we can make some in his memory!

Here is a facebook event you can easily share

Please assist us by helping forward this message to all who were touched by
Stig's life. We would like to welcome all of them to the party. We are
particularly looking to find his Burning Man camp.

Hacker Dojo is located at 599 Fairchild in Mountain View California. You
can get here from the city by taking the Caltrain down, switching to the
light rail at Mountain View, going four stops to NASA/Bayshore, getting
out, and walking under the 101 overpass (you can see our new building from

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