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Jake jake at spaz.org
Mon Nov 18 07:44:51 UTC 2013

i've been to his lab and seen everything up-close.  I also saw it at maker 
faire in 2008 or so.

My favorite experiment is one where he has two sodium-iodide 
scintillators, each optically coupled to its own photomultiplier tube, and 
a radioactive source.

The objects are placed source, detector, detector, such that one detector 
(only the sodium iodide crystal, the rest is off to the side) is in 
between the other detector and the radioactive source.

He sets up window comparators on both detectors, so they only trigger on 
events which correspond to the energy of the radiation source, and sets up 
a time-comparison between the two detectors.  If detector A triggers 
within a certain time of detector B it is called a coincidence.

Coincidences are mapped on the x-scale of a chart, where x=0 is when the 
event from A and B are simultaneous.  If they are not simultaneous, the 
difference in time between the detections is where on X they land.  The 
vertical of the chart is a cumulative addup of how many times that has 
happened in that x position.

You would think that a gamma event could only be detected by one detector 
or the other, and be annihilated - and his chart would be white noise. 
But you can see very clearly that there is a lot of detection of the same 
event by the two detectors.

How is that possible?  come see for yourself and try to figure it out.


On Sun, 17 Nov 2013, GtwoG PublicOhOne wrote:

> Gamma rays are high-energy high-frequency photons.  What Reiter is claiming is that he can demonstrate that gamma rays behave in a manner unlike visible light photons, that
> refutes the particle/wave duality that is central to the quantum theory. 
> What's Reiter's history of peer-reviewed publications? 
> If Reiter's theory goes back to 2003 and the demonstration setup is portable, has he ever booked an open-forum slot at a physics conference, to demonstrate his results? 
> If this worked and could be replicated, it should have been major news years ago.
> I'm highly skeptical.  Comments welcome from anyone with formal education in physics.
> -G
> =====
> On 13-11-17-Sun 8:21 PM, Jake wrote:
>       ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>       Hello friends of Unquantum,
>       I am doing a live demonstration of the gamma-ray unquantum effect that refutes the photon model of light.
>       It will be at the Chit-Chat Cafe, 5 West Manor Dr, tomorrow Monday night November 18th and Monday night November 25th at 6 to 7:30 PM.   The poster for the event and
>       details of
>       this work are at http://www.unquantum.net
>       This issue is important even if you are not a physicist.  Not all of you are "friends of unquantum;" some are foes.  Some of you will think this unquantum effect is
>       impossible,
>       so this is your chance to see it for yourself.  I will video the event to post on Youtube, and will field all questions and feedback. 
>       Please forgive me for the following:  This is a mass mailing and not personalized.   I only do these mailings for important events.  I may have sent some of you this
>       notice
>       earlier. The poster on my website has me with my electric guitar.  I did it that way to appeal to a wide audience.  I will also play a musical instrument I made at
>       the end of
>       the event.  For some of you it is a long drive, but I reviewed my list and did not want anyone to feel left out.  
>         Each event will be unique but each will demonstrate gamma-rays defying the  photon model.  If you know anyone who would be interested I hope you will please
>       inform.  
>       Thank you for your interest.
>       Eric Reiter
>       Unquantum Laboratory
>       http://www.unquantum.net
>       Pacifica, CA, 94044
>       650 738 9255
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