[Noisebridge-discuss] free machine learning ebook, coursera site

Mike Schachter cubicgoats at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 05:11:39 UTC 2013

Thanks to everyone for coming out tonight, braving the churning tempest
that almost surely heralds the long awaited beginning of our rainy season.

I mentioned that there is an ML book available for free, here's a link to
download it:


Also there was mention of Andrew Ng's excellent online ML course:


In general, it seemed like we're interested in a mix of educational and
hands-on projects, and there are people coming from all different jobs and
math levels. Awesome!

I have some holiday travelling to do for the next few weeks and hope to
hold an introductory class in mid-December, for people at all levels. I'll
announce the class some time in December.

If you're interested, but not on the machine learning mailing list, please
join it:


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