[Noisebridge-discuss] Bug/Exploit in the 2nd week of a Consensus Item

davidfine d at vidfine.com
Wed Nov 20 21:15:11 UTC 2013

tldr; There are no riders allowed on consensus items.

You're mistaken. It's not allowed to tack things on to a consensus
proposal or "stretch" them at all. Wouldn't that make you feel like
you're circumventing the process that we use to make reasonable decisions?
You can reach consensus on something as it was posted to the list or try
again next week. You shot yourself in the foot trying to rush it
through, you'll need to follow procedure before it counts for anything.
You could make the argument that those parts which weren't altered on
the day of the meeting are still valid. But it is an absolute certainty
that membership fee requirements have not been altered by the vote.
Not to comment on the quality of the proposal. It might get support in
the future.
Best of luck,

On 11/20/13, 8:14 AM, bfb wrote:
> James, I agree that eliminating the requirement of member dues as a
> part of the associate member decision was a stretch. It was topical in
> the context of a member/associate member contrast. I would not have
> consensed on a proposal that privileges dues with full participation
> in consensus. ... ... please jump in and correct me if I am mistaken.
> -Kevin 

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