[Noisebridge-discuss] Can not post to rack / really slow internet / NB using sonic instead of MB?

Jonathan Lassoff jof at thejof.com
Thu Nov 21 08:44:35 UTC 2013

On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 11:14 PM, Robert Chu <robert.chu01 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I did a speed test for the internet and the ping time is: 355 ms & 1.64Mbps.


> I then did a trace route and it to google and here are the results:
> -> bikeshed 1 ms
> -> 75-101-62-1.dsl.static.net 515 ms
> -> gig1-26.cr1.colaca01.sonic.net 555 ms
> -> 0.xw-5-1-0.gw.equinix-sj.sonic.net 265 ms
> -> ae2.0.gw.equinex-sj.sonic.net 265 ms
> -> eqixsj-google-gige.google.com 264 ms
> -> 264 ms
> From this, the total time it takes to reach google is 2490 ms or 2.49
> seconds. Is this normal. Some sites even take longer to access and load as
> well.

Those times are not cumulatively added, instead in the trace above,
google is 264ms away.
Still, that's *really* slow for a destination in the SF Bay Area from
Noisebridge. Your first clue should be that the first hop past our DSL
circuit ( in the trace above) is reporting 515ms. That
should be more like 1 - 5 ms.
That would suggest to me that the Sonic.net uplink is super congested
and your traffic is "waiting in line" on the upstream interface
transmit queue.

By seeing sonic.net as your path out via Bikeshed, that would suggest
to me that the monkeybrains circuit isn't setup or being used.
Normally (whatever that means, these days.... I mean how it was
originally designed), egress traffic should be going out Monkeybrains
for early everything.

> I am also plugged into a switch that is plugged into port 12 on the Juniper
> as well.
> Is there a way to use monkeybrains instead?
> I also check on a dedicated computer (Collaboration Station) and it is using
> Sonic and getting just as bad trace route times as well.
> Is it just me or does 2.49 seconds seem slow just to access google?
> There have been four different people who have complained about the internet
> in the last week.  Please advice.
> thanks
> Rayc
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