[Noisebridge-discuss] Need help building PSU for 1980's drum machine

James Sundquist sundquistjames at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 18:56:55 UTC 2013

The powersupply is proprietary and only available on eBay, but I've read
they aren't difficult to build.  Info attached below:

"Alternatively you could always just build your own like i ended up doing.
Theres no particular reason that it has to be +/- 10v as +/- 12v or even 9v
will do the job fine. There plenty of dual rail PSU kits with PCB's you can
buy around the net, or schematics so you can build your own on stripboard
or similar.

Buy a common standard power supply w/ center+ / outside- and cut the cable
and just switch the polarity (reverse the wires). Mind the amps though
reqiured by the R-8.

The R5 and R8 use a dual rail supply i.e. the connector has three pins with
+10v, ground and -10v. They also have a power connector that isn't used on
anything else ever made as far as i can tell.

You can use the +12v, ground and -12v outputs on a PC power supply,
although its a bit bulky."
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