[Noisebridge-discuss] Looking for Collaborators for a Pedal Powered Knitting Machine

Kris Struble ghostseeker at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 26 19:31:42 UTC 2013

Hi Noisebridgers,

 I have been designing the KnitFit, a pedal powered hat knitting machine I
plan on making open source as soon as I have a working version. I am hoping
to solicit volunteers to help refine the model, build and assemble the
parts, and deploy in a few locations throughout the city.

You can see the basic design here;


The design is based off of sock knitting machines from the early 20th
century. If you have modeling experience and would like to see the entire
model, I am currently using Autodesk Fusion 360 which allows group edits of
models. Email me off list if you want to take a crack at my design.

I am looking to recruit experienced knitters,3d printing enthusiasts,
builders, bike mechanics, amateur and professional engineers, and able hands
to help get this device built and set up for use by Dec. 21st.  I was hoping
I could recruit from the talented folks from NB and elsewhere in my life and
meet up to discuss what needs to be done and get this thing going!  I think
this could be a fun community building project both in the hacker and public

Would anyone like to take up this challenge and help make this thing a
reality? I am not a member currently of Noisebridge, so I will need someone
to sponsor me, and I was hoping that we could set up a meeting at NB this
Sunday to go over what needs to be done and hopefully divvy up roles. I am
open to suggestions on locations and meeting times.

Thanks for looking!


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