[Noisebridge-discuss] Membership Status and Consensus

Jake jake at spaz.org
Tue Nov 26 21:25:40 UTC 2013

> Purging membership unless members take specific action is wrong.
> Similarly, outing them or punishing them for refusing is wrong. The
> reality of the political dimension of our community does not require me
> to set foot in the space.

requiring members to out themselves on the wiki was proposed and rejected. 
you blocked it, i blocked it, danny proxy-blocked it on your behalf, and 
it is not moving forward.  ok?

however, taking your words literally means addressing the issue of 
determining whether people have to be paying dues in order to maintain 
membership.  That is a seperate topic and should be clarified.  It is my 
understanding that membership is suspended after three months of no 
payment of dues, and that a proposal to change that may or may not have 
passed recently.  These are two seperate issues.

> I object to the specific solutions. That is part of the problem for that
> specific solution, yes. There are other solutions where we may achieve
> similar goals, I suspect.

it is my understanding of the spirit of consensus that if you object to a 
solution to a problem it is your responsibility to help find a workable 
solution that you don't object to.  Just objecting to something and 
blocking it is not productive, it's counter-productive by definition.

Since this entire discussion is about solving a very real problem that 
will not be easily vanquished, it is necessary for everyone to participate 
in a productive way, for example finding an alternate solution which will 
have enough support to be implemented by the entire working group.

thank you

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