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Fri Nov 29 07:10:35 UTC 2013

This is my exact procedure that I am going to follow:

1) Wake up the person. Explain (politely) that sleeping is not allowed, and
that they have to leave the space, because people who are woken up have
(always, in my experience) fallen back asleep within a half hour. They can
go home and finish sleeping or go out and get breakfast. Ask them for their
name. If they are an associate member, ask who their sponsors are.

2) If they refuse to leave, tell them that this is not optional. Tell them
that they're behavior will be brought up at the weekly meeting, that they
knew that sleeping was prohibited, but don't respect Noisebridge's policy
and chose to stay anyway.

3) If they still refuse to leave, tell them (once) that you will call the
police to have them forcibly remove. (Do not attempt to physically remove
them yourself: you are open yourself to legal liability if you touch them.)

4) Call the police. The address is 2169 Mission, 3rd floor. 911 does may
not provide a direct connection if called from a cell phone, instead call
SF Police emergency line at 415-553-8090 (program this number into your
phone). Explain to the operator that you have a person at the Noisebridge
community center (a more identifiable term) who is camping and sleeping and
refuses to leave after being told several times. Provide a description of
yourself and the person who refuses to leave. If the sleeper is getting
physical or making threats, tell the operator this. Make sure that the gate
will be open for the officers to come in.

5) That person is not to return to the space. Tell the officers to explain
to the sleeper that they are not permitted back in the space. Generally
unless the sleeper has become violent, we are not interested in pressing
trespassing charges. We just want them to leave.

6) Contact myself and the officers (Tom Lowenth, Danny O'Brien, and Snail)
and explain the incident, who said what, and what exactly happened (you
might want to write this down after the police leave, since later your
memory can be faulty.) If anyone gives you grief about involving the
police, direct them to me and I will talk to them.

7) I will immediately bring up a proposal for that person to be banned from
Noisebridge. Crashing at the space is one thing. Refusing to leave, or
sleeping overnight at the space multiple times is a justifiable case for
being banned. If someone refuses to respect Noisebridge's rules, then this
isn't a place for them.


On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 10:20 PM, Paul Monad <immonad at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Is it really excellent to boot out the sleepers.  I've gotten a lot of
> flack for doing just that.  What if they simply ignore the request to l
> eave?
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