[Noisebridge-discuss] entropy report (gate codes work again)

Dana dana-lists at sonic.net
Tue Oct 8 14:57:03 UTC 2013

Gate codes should work again! Something happened to NB's network (I dare 
ask), but I was able to reach minotaur internally, add an alias for 
api.noisebridge.net to the hosts file.

Bathroom 1.0 has light socket, toilet troubles. I found a temporary lamp 
but wasn't able to locate a plunger or auger. If you have either tool 
and inclination to approach this disaster, hackers everywhere will 
rejoice in your greatness!

Kitchen stove remains non-functional, a pair of unprotected, live wires 
were hanging out of the breaker box. I placed screw-caps on these to 
prevent an accidental electrocution.

Front door camera, lights, audio are down. And that long extension cord 
that ran downstairs has apparently been relocated.

Elevator is off, possibly due to dead light?

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