[Noisebridge-discuss] finally transferring away from yahoo mail - Gmail, riseup other suggestions

Peter Kaminski kaminski at istori.com
Thu Oct 10 04:18:39 UTC 2013

Hi Frantisek,

> ##Commercial option - if I invest around $50 per year for a commercial 
> email server, could you once more recommend me what I could get? Some 
> linux/hacker friendly firm or coop/org preferred. Sorry for not 
> checking the thoughts from previous emails, just can not access them 
> (and I would have a problem to find the tread probably anyway).

Tuffmail.com and Fastmail.fm are two good IMAP service providers. 
Tuffmail is smaller, a little more oriented to the technically savvy, 
and based in the US.  Fastmail is larger, a little more user-friendly, 
and based in Australia.

On computers, Thunderbird is a good cross-platform IMAP client, and on 
Android, I use Kaiten Mail.


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