[Noisebridge-discuss] LCD video projectors can be used as space heaters!

Jake jake at spaz.org
Mon Oct 14 23:32:45 UTC 2013

Apparently someone was "cold" at noisebridge (probably overnight?) and 
decided to leave the large LCD video projector on, because it makes nice 
warm heat coming out of the side.

You can guess that the bulb expired as a result of this.  Now the 
projector is disassembled because i guess that's what we do with video 
projectors that need new bulbs.

This is the projector that was formally used for presentations and classes 
in Turing (where people sleep sometimes) and now i guess it's dead.

next thing you know, people will be using multimeters as doorstops and 
soldering irons as tea boilers.


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