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It was exteme engineering, led by an extreme engineer, the hovering sky
crane that gently lowered the one-ton rover Curiosity to the surface of
Mars last year, right on target.

Adam Steltzner’s motto is “Dare mighty things.”  The daring has just

"Beyond Mars, Earth," Adam Steltzner, SFJAZZ Center, Hayes Valley, San
Francisco, 7pm, TONIGHT, Tuesday, October 15.  The show starts promptly
at 7:30pm.

To be sure of a seat:
• Long Now Members can use the discount code on the Steltzner Seminar
page to reserve 2 free seats.
• You can purchase tickets for $15 each.
• Tune into the live audio stream for Long Now Members at 7:30 PST -
become a member for just $8 a month.
Share this talk: Adam Steltzner, "Beyond Mars, Earth" Long Now talk on
10/15 http://goo.gl/jHRaAt

The next SALT talks:
Nov. 18 (Mon.) - Richard Kurin, "American History in 101 Objects"
Dec. 17 (Tue.) - Rick Prelinger, "Lost Landscapes of San Francisco, 8"

Tonight's event is one of a monthly series of Seminars About Long-term
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 --Stewart Brand (sb at longnow.org)

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