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Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 06:58:58 UTC 2013

Dear Mr. "Job Creator" Giovanni,

No, it's not time to disallow anonymous wiki edits. Mediawiki keeps a 
history of all versions, so it's a simple matter to roll back to the 
version you want. Click the tab at the top called "History".

Although I do not know who raped your wiki page, you should know that 
anyone can edit any part of the Noisebridge wiki at any time. That be 
how we roll.

Also, did you realize you put--

    "Is it RUBIN ADBI who is anonymously vandalizing this Blog related
    section of the Noisebridge web site??"

--on the NB homepage?, or was that just an accident, due to your blog 
page getting displayed on the homepage? If it was intentional, that was 
non-excellent, as we try to keep drama INSIDE noisebridge where it belongs.

You should also know that in American politics, the people who call 
themselves "job-creators" are, IMHO, greedy, lying, fake-ass right-wing 
corporate Repuglicans, who are really just stealing public resources, 
while reaming the working class and the middle class. I'd be surprised 
if they are not universally loathed and mistrusted by most or all 
noisebridgers. Sooo, you might want to give yourself a different nickname.

On 10/6/2013 9:29 PM, giovanni_re wrote:
> Johny Radio:  NB radio needs a new pair of FM transmitters!

i never said or wrote that. Please do not quote me saying things i never 

I agree with Rubin Abdi-- Noisebridge is DIY-- DO IT YOURSELF. The way 
to use Noisebridge which honors the mission of the space, is to build 
something, teach something, learn something. The way you endlessly try 
to recruit other people to do things that you think should happen, while 
whining that you are "extremely busy with personal responsibilities" is 
frankly somewhat obnoxious. We are all busy.

giovanni_re wrote:
> am I the only one who emailed anything of progress about nb radio this week? Norman & I can't do this by ourselves. If the Noisebridge community wants to get a valuable FCC broadcast license, Nb people are going to need to both _do_ some progress

Maybe this is just me, but i suggest that giving people ultimatums is 
not a very effective recruiting technique. But hey, maybe that works for 

Just curious: in four years i've never met you but once. Which is fine, 
Noisebridge is for everyone. But, are you a Noisebridge member? Have you 
ever built or taught anything at Noisebridge? Have you ever taken a 
class there? Have you ever donated money or supplies to Noisebridge? 
Have you ever taken out the trash or cleaned the bathroom?

I organize activities at Noisebridge too, and i know the importance of 
delegating tasks to other people. However, i'm down in the trenches, 
doing it with them. You seem like a sincere person, but it seems that 
you want other people to build your transmitter, other people to do your 
research, other people to produce your radio shows, other people to do 
your website, other people to be your secretary, and other people to pay 
for everything.

Speaking of, please stop trying to recruit me into your radio project. 
As I told you the the one and only time i ever met you, i have neither 
the time nor interest. That has not changed.

giovanni_re wrote:

> Anyone care to do a daily 6pm hacker newscast?

What about YOU, giovanni? You're the guy trying to start a Noisebridge 
radio project, but have you ever produced any Noisebridge radio content 


Johny Radio

Stick It In Your Ear!

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